The role of plastic turnover baskets in vegetable logistics

The high-quality plastic turnover baskets are mainly made of new raw material polypropylene. They are non-toxic and harmless and will not pollute the vegetables. They are cleaned in time to keep them tidy and will never become moldy and rot, which is better than bamboo. Baskets and wooden baskets are much better. Bamboo and wooden baskets are prone to mold and rot if they are not dried in time after being damp, especially in the continuous rainy days in summer, it is easy to grow mildew on them. Use such baskets to load and distribute vegetables, Vegetables are easily contaminated. High-quality plastic turnover baskets have no shortcomings in this regard. As long as they are kept clean, they will not contaminate the vegetables inside. Therefore, it is completely no problem to use it to routinely distribute vegetables. Wooden baskets are a bit difficult to handle. At present, almost most of the vegetable distribution uses plastic turnover baskets.

From the point of view of its structure, high-quality plastic turnover baskets are also very suitable for the distribution of vegetables. Each surface is hollowed out, so that it is more breathable and can be used for distribution of vegetables. Many vegetables have more water content. When the place is collided, it is easy to flow out of moisture. During delivery, if a box that is not hollowed out is used for delivery, the vegetable juice flowing out of the damaged part cannot be discharged or drained in time. Although the delivery of fresh vegetables is generally a short-distance logistics Delivery, but in the hot summer, if it is not breathable, the damaged vegetable parts are also easy to rot and deteriorate, which will affect the pollution to the undamaged parts, thereby reducing their quality. There are also high-quality plastic turnover baskets in general. Standardized container unit appliances, its structure is also very user-friendly, the design position and structure of its handle is very suitable for manual handling, always putting the comfort of handling first is the purpose of its design. And it can be stacked up and down.

Post time: May-18-2021