What to Store in the Plastic Storage Bins and Boxes?

We all know that plastic storage bins and boxes are widely used to store and organize small components, hardwares, tools and items at workshops and warhouses. However, the plastic bins are aslo fantastic for storing daily sundries, clothing items and toys at home. These containers are usually square and uniformly sized. You can stack them in corners or on high shelves utilizing every inch of your storage space.

Here are some ways to make the best use of plastic storage containers and bins in your home for reference.

1. Plastic storage box for clothing storage.

Transparent color plastic tote box with locking lids are ideal for clothes storing. You can put the clothes in and put them in the basement, or garage until it’s time to switch out your wardrobe when the seasons change.

2. Stackable bins for toy storage and organize

Families with children rely on plastic bins for keeping toys sorted. Toy cars, Legos, playing cards, crayons, dolls—the list is limitless for organizing children’s things, from infant through the teenage years and beyond.

3. Tools, Sports Equipment, and other small items storage and picking

Since these items tend to be heavy, use heavy-duty plastic containers to store tools, sporting equipment, or cleaning supplies. These storage bins will protect these items from dust and make sure they have been kept orderly.

4. Plastic container for Files Organizing

An extra-large file tote box should be large enough to fit files for a household of up to three people. The storage container can keep the file safe and in order.

Apart from what mentioned above, there also have so many kinds of daily sundires to put in the stacking bins and boxes to save space and keep home neat and organized, please contact us to inform your needs, we will be happy to recommend the right type storage bins and boxes for you!



Post time: Feb-08-2023